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myWriting Services

myWriting Services is a company that aims to help individuals and organizations transfer their operations on the Internet. In April 2020, myWriting Services partnered with HE Group, which recognized the global need for writing services.

We offer customized services at affordable prices. In other words, we are flexible, not promoting a one-size-fits-all solution. Our comprehensive services include simple blog post solutions, valuable research studies, guides, social media, products, and website content.

We offer top-of-the-line, fully optimized, and Copyscape-checked content which is 100% tailored to your specific needs, products, and services.

Hire the web’s best content writers with our professional, specialized content writing services.

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Why Choose Us

Even though we’re not the only content writing service out there, we strive to be the best. Here’s our reasons why you should trust us to grow your business with content.

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Low Costs

The best way to learn more about our rates is to contact us, as different industries come with their own sets of challenges, time constraints, and as a result, costs.

Team of Professionals

Every single writer on our team has been carefully selected. Their experience in the field of writing ensures maximum efficiency and the highest level of quality.

Daily Support

We are here with you every step of the way during the publication process. If there’s anything that needs to be changed, you can directly contact us, and we’ll revise it.

Time Efficiency

Writing a piece of content can be an undertaking that requires some time. However, if you need a piece of high-quality content created quickly, we will make it happen.


Increased Online Presence

Get organic traffic onto your website through our search engine optimized content, which will bring continued growth and improvement to your business.

Business Growth

Grow your business and make a name for yourself with proper branding, as the content and the message you share will be what people associate with your brand.

Our Services

We know the importance of top-quality content throughout your marketing strategy. Blogging, content marketing, copywriting, content – whatever your current content needs may be as a marketer or business owner, our freelance writers have the writing skills and experience to match. Here’s a look at our content writing services.

Blog Management

We create, maintain, and implement SEO into your blog posts to increase the popularity, and as a result, organic growth of your website in a cost-effective way on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As such, you can expect a high level of growth for your website.

Guest Posting

Our guest posting services are niche-relevant and are finely tailored to give your authority, brand visibility, and recognition. Our guest posts are beneficial for your ultimate business success and offer data-driven results that are long-lasting. We work with proven methods to increase your brand identity.

SEO Optimization

We Search Engine Optimize all of your content, in terms of both quality and quantity, based on research and analytics by some of the best tools in the industry. We target unpaid traffic rather than direct or paid traffic, which will help you grow organically over time.


Content Strategy

We plan, develop, and manage all of the content, which will be written and eventually posted on your website. Our goal is to transform your business goals into a plan that uses content as a primary means of gaining organic traffic and accomplishing these goals.

Our Sectors

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We have several years of experience in content writing about the tech niche, specifically VPN and Hosting. We also write about other aspects of technology such as hardware, software, cryptocurrency, security, and much more. We have the perfect writers for your next piece of content to keep your business up-to-date.



When it comes to the gambling industry, we’re focused on creating content for Casinos. The gambling industry is a niche subject, with lots of unique terms, regulations, and rules. Trying to write a review for casinos if you don’t have experience is practically impossible. We specialize in writing guides, reviews, and content that is specific to this industry.



Nowadays, digital marketing is becoming more important than ever. We write on a wide variety of subtopics in this area, including Affiliate Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Management. One such example is The Logician, a well-established brand on the Internet and an entrepreneur with a unique skill set.



Our savvy health and fitness content writers can create blog posts that connect with your audience. From Landing Pages to Blog Posts to eBooks, we combine the best of industry and SEO Knowledge to provide your business with fitness content. One such example is Tose Zafirov, a fitness pro, and champion with an established online presence.



A professionally written product description can make the difference between a lost customer and a sale. The content of our Product Description convinces potential buyers that the product will improve their lives in a measurable and obvious way. We write compelling product descriptions that drive sales. We also offer Reviews for your business needs.

How It Works


Contact Us

The first step is for you to contact us and send us information about the project you have in mind, so we can evaluate the amount of content your idea needs, and the time it will take to execute it.


Communication Process

As we move forward with the project, we will schedule online meetings and phone calls to evaluate the progress we’re making. In this stage, we will also discuss the payment.



Provision of Content

We will send the content to you once it’s completed. If there are any changes that need to be made, you can send the document back to us, and we will revise it until it looks how you imagined it. We will be working closely with your team members to understand your needs.



Once the piece of content is complete and you’re satisfied with the results, we will complete the specific contract and start a new one according to your needs. Keep in mind that we are open to unlimited revisions, and we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with our services.

Free Content Tips

Feeling Confident in Your Abilities?

Creating outstanding content requires a lot of time and effort.

However, if you’re feeling confident in your writing abilities, we’re here to offer you a few tips for producing high-quality content.

Content Structure

Once you have completed the competitor analysis, you need to figure out how you want to stand out and be unique. Create content that is relevant to your target audience and something that they would genuinely love reading about. Be mindful of headings, keywords, meta titles, meta descriptions, and readability.

Competitor Analysis

Pay close attention to what your competitors are doing. You can analyze what they are writing about and what they are sharing, but most of all, how the entire process works from start to finish. This will give you an insight into what exactly needs to be done in order to have a functional and effective website and content strategy.

Image Optimization

In order to reduce the loading time of your page, you want to optimize your images as much as possible. Many websites load instantly, and sites that make users wait typically make them want to leave. Optimize all of your images and take advantage of compression algorithms.

Brand Identity

Branding plays an important role in how a user perceives your brand. Your site is the identity and public image of your brand, and it is how people recognize you online; and as such, it can potentially help raise your brand’s awareness and build customer base easily.

Search Engine Optimization

Rank on Google, and other search engines for that matter, will be highly dependent on the amount of SEO work you place into your content. If you’re new to this, there are extensions you can use that will help and guide you throughout the entire process.

Social Media Optimization

Be aware of how you present yourself on social media, whether it’s through small snippets of text which showcase your unique brand identity or through the use of creative sentences or emojis if you have a specific audience in mind. Be creative and always give your best!

An Image of the Mascot of myWriting.Services, which is a green pencil with glasses, red head, holding a red cup for coffee with his left hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Content Important?

Content can fuel your SEO strategy and help you attract more leads through search engines, as well as educate your audience and help you connect with them.

How to Get Started?

Simply send us an email at [email protected], and we will discuss things as soon as we get in touch.

What Is the Price Range?

The price is highly dependent on the type of content you need, as well as the amount of content you need. These things will be discussed throughout the messaging and call portion of the discussion.

What Does the Editing Process Look Like?

You have unlimited edits at no extra cost. The process is going back and forth on the edits with a writer until you’re left with a piece of content you’re satisfied with.


Do You Check for Plagiarism?

We know the harmful effects that plagiarism can have on a brand, which is why we take it seriously. Using advanced anti-plagiarism tools, we scan every written piece of content and compare it to millions of pages on the internet to check for identical content.

How Do I Request A Piece of Content?

Just send us all of the information that you require to be written, and once we agree on the deadline and cost associated with the project, the request will be placed.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

We work with both enterprise companies and private individuals, so the payment methods will be discussed going forward. We accept any currency through any payment method.


Why Choose Us?

We specialize in only a few industries, and as such, we are unrivaled in those industries due to the fact that we have been writing about them for years.

What Type of Content Do You Create?

We offer everything from newsletters and blog posts, to eBooks, product descriptions, pillar content, and much more!

Kind Of Content Your Create?

We serve both individuals and businesses, including start-ups, small, medium, and large corporations, in nearly every industry.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact us anytime.

If you want content created for you, tell us who you are, what your idea is, and send us your website!


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